Business Applications

Printer / Copier Management system

Project Background

Business Applications approached me to have a system developed to manage the printers and copiers that are rented out to their clients.


Actions & Outcomes

To collect the statistics I designed and developed a Windows application that runs on a machine within the clients network, which periodically queries all of the printers / copiers that are configured on their account via SNMP. The collected statistics are then sent back to a central database server hosted on premise at Business Applications via a REST API.

In order to add support for new Printers / Copiers without needing to roll out a software update to each Client, I designed a web interface which allows staff to add new printer types to a database and configure the SNMP OIDs that should be queried when fetching statistics for that specific printer / copier.

The web interface also gives staff easy access to create new clients, manage their associated printers / copiers and also view and export their statistics history.


MeterPlan Web Administration Interface
MeterPlan Windows Client Interface

Technologies Used

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